Shadow and Detail

Shadow and Detail The beauty of Shadow. Mattress spring units, rows of coil springs held in a rectangular form by spiral wire and sometimes with 3/16” steel rod create a wonderful pattern. The bending, twisting and contorting adds movement and rhythm. My process repatterns, seeking to remove the “mattressness” from this commonly used household item. […]


Mandalas What is visually interesting about mattress springs is how they relate to linear perspective. Mattress springs are made from fairly thin metal wire. That wire looks like lines drawn on a page following the rules of linear perspective. Artists refer to this as mark-making. When you look at a mattress spring down the side […]

Bend, Fold, Twist

Bend, Fold, Twist In 2015 and 2016 I search for materials on the Craigslist website mainly under the Free Stuff tab. Early in 2016 I came across an individual giving away a brand-new mattress spring “inner” (the metal part inside most mattresses). It took them a couple of weeks to respond to me and I […]

Combining Rolled & Bent

Combining Rolled and Bent Above is the same sculpture. The patron purchased the sculpture in 2018. It was the first mattress spring sculpture sold since I began investigating mattress springs in 2017. I called her in 2021 asking her about the sculpture. She excitedly told me she still loves it and that she had moved. […]