'States of America

With all the social and political turmoil swerling in America in the 2010’s, I decided to create a few American flags representing the growing polarization. I titled them ‘States of America intentionally cutting off the word “United” and For Amber Waves of Grain which is a line from the anthem, America the Beautiful. I used the part of the felt pad found inside a mattress for ‘States of America and painted the blue and red to form the basics of the flag and then cut a section our of the middle on which I painted one, star surrounded by white. The stars are normally white, but I decided to put the Yin-Yang symbol inside the star shape signifying the light and dark, good and evil in every individual, country and in the entire world. I used a cutting from a mattress to create For Amber Waves of Grain. The coils are loosely connected and are beginning to fall off and turn green in the lower right. To symbolize a flag on a pole and to resemble a field of grain blowing in the wind.