What is visually interesting about mattress springs is how they relate to linear perspective.

Mattress springs are made from fairly thin metal wire. That wire looks like lines drawn on a page following the rules of linear perspective. Artists refer to this as mark-making. When you look at a mattress spring down the side you can see the rules of linear perspective play out – see images below:

The rows above and below that specific row call attention to the rules of linear perspective, yet still visually confound depth perception. I love this affect and have wanted to present this to everyone in works of art, however, hanging a full mattress spring unit on a wall from its side can only isolate these visuals if a viewer is looking down the side of a mattress spring unit directly. That mattress spring unit would hang off of the wall at the length of the type of mattress i., e., twin, full, queen, king. A viewer would be able to see the totality of the unit so I decided to cut a mattress into strips, two coil springs wide or deep. I then manipulate those strips into the forms seen below.

The forms below represent what the engineered design of a mattress allows me to create without forcible manipulating the strips using strength and heat. The forms, when combined, create mandala type shapes. Individually or with one or two others forms create what could be identified as symbols.

Virtually Stagged

Actual Wall Sculptures

Below show the forms with Nickel and Copper plating

For the two images below, the left form is Black Dioxide coated, middle is rusted, right is nickel-chrome plated

The Forms, Emblems and Variations