Intersections & Into the Flow

22″ x 22″ x 3″

The left image is titled “Intersections” and the middle is “Into the Flow”. There are many

Notes taken directly from my reflection journal, uncut and unedited:

These are two 18”x 18” stretched canvases. At the time I had made five wood panels with which I was to experiment oil painting on instead of traditional, stretched canvases. In moving the finished pieces around, I set one of these stretched canvases on a wood panel painted with flat chartreuse, latex paint. I was intrigued by how the Chartreuse made the blues and oranges come to life/intensify and saturate our perception of them.

I spend a good amount of time prepping my surfaces. I sand in between layers of latex even with my stretched canvases – I want a fairly smooth surface, yet like the friction canvas provides, yet wanted to explore a smoother surface such as a wood panel may lend. The wood panels required more prepping: still two layers of latex, sanding in between each, but the edges and nail holes had to be filled and sanded so that all edges were smooth hiding the joints as much as possible without obsessing. The flat latex is great for hiding.

I noticed how the chartreuse seemed to intensify the oranges and blues and thought why can’t the wood panels be a kind of matting.