Combining Rolled and Bent

Above is the same sculpture. The patron purchased the sculpture in 2018. It was the first mattress spring sculpture sold since I began investigating mattress springs in 2017. I called her in 2021 asking her about the sculpture. She excitedly told me she still loves it and that she had moved. We exchanged emails and she sent me pictures of its location in her new home. The picture on the right above is where I originally installed It February of 2018. Later that day, she texted me the two darker images below because she loved how the setting sun was hitting it through her window. The picture on the left is where she had it installed in her new home. I think she did a great job with the placement in her new home and the lighting!

Below is the second in the Fear Coddling Memory series, Fear Coddling Memory #2. This sculpture was first shown in July of 2018 at Progress Gallery in Pomona California. I enjoy the visuals when the two types of contortions are combined. There is an aspect of struggle which, to me, reminded me of an ongoing grappling with past memories. We all have to contend with our past selves in order to work our way toward better futures. Coddling our more troublesome memories by reliving them over and over could just be the fear of their erasure. They have already past – just let them go.

Currently, it hangs in a tree in my backyard reminding to me to live in ‘‘the now’.